About us

Noam Pardess & Co. is an Israeli accounting firm that specializes in Business Valuation and Economic and Accounting Opinions to Israeli and international courts.  

In addition, the firm also specializes in representing overseas investors and investment houses, who are interested in promoting business ties in Israel.

CPA Noam Pardess holds a CPA license in Israel as of 1988.
Noam Pardess is a BA Economics and Accountancy graduate from the University of Tel-Aviv and holds a Master degree (MA) in business economics – financing and Banking studies – from Bar-Ilan University.  In addition to this, Noam is a graduate of the Analysis and Valuation Program from the Center of Advanced Course Studies at Bar-Ilan University.
CPA Pardess worked at “Kesselman and Kesselman CPAs” (currently PWC Israel) till he took on the position of “Senior Auditor”.

In 1994 Noam joined the “Eisenberg Group of Companies” and, for a period of 12 years, he lived and resided in China, where he held the position of CFO (China Operations) and, Deputy General Manager of the group’s business activities and served as a director in several companies.  In the framework of his position he was involved in transactions in a wide range of economic fields and extraordinary financial magnitude.

CPA Noam Pardess is an “expert economist” appointed among the “economic experts” of the various Israeli courts.
Noam lectures in courses of Business Valuation and training directors. 

CPA Noam Pardess specializes in Business Valuations, Economic Accounting Opinions, Financial Due-diligence, Financial / Economic Business Plans, Mergers and Acquisitions, Locating Investors, Fund Raising from various sources, Financial Management etc.  

The Firm specializes in:

•    Account auditing  and preparation of  financial statements,
•    Tax Reports, Tax Planning, including  representation of clients before relevant  tax authorities,
•    Various international and local Taxation matters,
•    Treatment of tax returns,
•    Financial Due-diligence,
•    Preparation of Assets and Liabilities Statements  
•    Internal audits,
•    Inquiry audit,
•    On-going Accounting Consultation Services,
•    Economic and Financial Services including to Start-Ups and Early-Stage businesses.
•    Representation of foreign companies and foreign investors in Israel,
•    Financial Management services – CFO on Demand, via outsourcing.

We perceive and treat our clients as business partners. The growth and prosperity of their business contributes to our own success. In this manner we place our customers in the focal point of our business.

We also believe that our accountancy services are not only about numbers or statutory compliance. We have a relationship with our clients in which we help them with a variety of issues such as business start-ups, tax planning, cash management, performance analysis, business advice and problem solving etc. 

Among our clients are: private companies, partnerships, family businesses, foreign investors, Trusts and non-profit organizations

We are old-fashioned in terms of our values and principles and we believe in integrity, honesty and personal care, which are just as important today as they were in the past.

We specialize and operate in the following fields: Audit and accounting procedures, various local and international tax matters, investments and assets management, construction, banking, commerce and financial services, energy, agriculture, Pharma and CleanTech