Economic Experts

Noam Pardess Ltd – Economic Experts supplies the following services:

• Business Valuations:
What is the company worth? What is the “fair value”? Indispensable information to the buyer / seller / potential investor.

• Economic experts’ opinions and reports before the Israeli courts, including appearances in legal sessions – an important
service to lawyers and their clients

• Due Diligence:
An integral part of the examining and decision making process involved in the investment.

• Preparation of Business Plans for individuals, companies, partnerships and potential investors who are interested in
exploring various business development opportunities.

• Preparation of budgets and administrative tools, periodical cash flow statements and cash flow analysis, financial follow-
up, actual vis-a-vis budgets etc.

• Locating investors:
Our in-depth knowledge of the Israeli market, local and foreign investment companies and corporations, enable us to
locate business opportunities and potential investors.

• Financial Restructuring:
Geared for businesses with a growth potential, that experience difficulties in their day-to-day financial management;
profound business analyses and preparation of business / restructuring plans.

• Arbitration:
Settling financial / economic disputes between partners, shareholders and family members.

• Assistance in negotiations with banks and financial institutes:
Presentation of business plans, negotiations concerning restructuring of debts, replacing costly loans for cheaper ones
and making use of credit lines.


Who are the firm’s customers and for whom were these services intended?

• Owners and shareholders in companies / business partnerships.

• Lawyers and law firms

• Potential investors (Financial and strategic).

• Local and overseas investment companies.

• Government companies and government offices.

• Municipalities, local authorities and municipal bodies.

Noam Pardess  Ltd – Economic Experts